Family Photography Bighorn Basin
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Friday, August 25, 2017
By Melissa Thompson of Pistachio Alley Fine Art Photography
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Today I had a mini panic attack because I haven't even thought about what we are going to do for our family photography this year. Perhaps we can skip it. After all, we have done them every year forever. Then I found myself looking at the photos from last year. My husband has lost a bit of weight, I have become more gray, my son is becoming a man with a chiseled jaw and the girl, well, looks less like a little girl and more like a young lady. The whole family has changed in one short year. Of course this needs to be documented with a portrait because next year, we will all look and feel even more different.

Thank goodness this adorable family is always on the ball with their family photography. I have been photographing them since the oldest boy was in utero. We love this family and they are so much fun to photograph. The boys crack me up. They are so full of life and polite. Their parents aren't so bad either (we adore them as well). This year mom wanted an image of the men in her house (little and big). Dad wanted one of the women (just mom). He said it jokingly, but in the end admitted he wanted a portrait of
his beautiful bride for his office. She was a willing participant and Dad had fun with his boys. They understand the importance of these images. They value their family and want it documented because before they know it, the boys will have families of their own.

Call today to get one of our limited family photography sessions scheduled! We have the locations, can style your clothing, we will make sure you look great, and have a few prime session times available before hunting season begins.

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